Projects from this Taxonomy

Berlin Walls

Berlin is one of Europe’s most beautiful and ugliest cities. I brought the camera to capture some of the facades, walls and other flat surfaces that give Berlin a part of its character. Images from Berlin Walls


Alcatraz was a prison on the island of Alcatraz Island at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The island was converted into a facility for the military in the mid-1800s and became in 1934 one of the most escape-proof prisons because of the cold encircling water with strong currents. Today large numbers of tourists […]

Visby by Winter

Visby is the only town on Sweden’s largest island, Gotland. In summer Visby is a much sought after tourist destination and hundreds of thousands of people will get there in June, July and August. But during the winter, the city is much more deserted. It is not often that there are large amounts of snow […]

Kindergarten – Vegas by Night

Las Vegas is like a mirage in the desert. Almost unreal, but at the same time a unique place in the world. Games, decadence and glamor – but also a city with loneliness and sorrow. Las Vegas is a place that is great to visit with a camera. Images from Kindergarten – Vegas by Night

Tea ceremony Beijing

Tea is a powerful experience – in terms of taste but also visually. During a tea ceremony in a small shop in Beijing, I took this photo series. The tea tasted as good as it looks. Images from Tea Ceremony Beijing